WARN / POWER-PLANT Dual Force Air Compressor and Winch
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WARN / POWER-PLANT Dual Force Air Compressor and Winch

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This winch/ air compressor combination gives the user the ability to inflate tires (4 x 35” tires in under 8 minutes), power air tools, inflate recreational items plus have the ability to recover a vehicle.
The HP model has a 9,500Lb line capacity, 125’ of wire rope. The HD has a 12,000Lb line capacity, 80’ of wire rope. All units feature
a 4.6hp Gen II motor, a premium air compressor with high flow ratings and 100 psi max pressure switch and an on board ½ gallon
air reservoir with built in intercooler. Included are 25’ coiled nylon air hose, hand held control with thermoelectric LED, quick connect
couplers, tire gauge and dual air chuck.

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